Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) IPL 2013 Online Tickets


The Bangalore-based IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore has already started the online ticket sales for their home matches of the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League 2013. As on march 20 2013, Royal challengers Bangalore IPL 2013 tickets are now made available at online.


The fans can book tickets of RCB’s home matches by logging into the team website. This year Royal Challengers Bangalore online ticket booking will be also on Liveinstyle (powered by Ticketgenie) as announced by RCB Vice President Russell Adams.


Otherwise, RCB IPL 2013 tickets can be obtained from the ticket window on the match days. Retail outlets for Royal Challengers Bangalore tickets will be placed soon.


IPL 2013 tickets for the Bangalore games, which are played at the venue of their hosts M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. RCB IPL 6 tickets online prices details of home matches are placed below.


Stand Name                                                               Price

Black Dog P Corp Lounge                                         Rs. 33,000

Black Dog P Upper                                                     Rs. 22,000

RC P Terrace                                                               Rs. 11,000

RC P Annex Lower                                                    Rs. 7,700

RC Executive Lounge A                                            Rs. 6,600

RC Fan Terrace N                                                       Rs. 4,400

RC Corp Box A Lower                                              Rs. 3,300

Black Dog Pavillion Lower                                        Rs. 2,750

McDowells Best View B – Lower                             Rs. 1,815

McDowells Best View B – Upper                              Rs. 1,815

McDowells Best View A – Upper                              Rs. 1,100

Bagpiper Special View C                                            Rs. 825